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Hospice Medicare Regulation Update

Hospice care in the Hospice House is delivered under 2 circumstances under the Hospice Medicare Federal Regulations.


#1 - General Inpatient. If the need for pain control or symptom management cannot be managed in the home setting or the place of residence of the patient. Medicare is very specific that the following must be occurring: pain or symptom crisis; severe nausea/vomiting; advanced open wounds; unmanageable respiratory distress; delirium with behavioral issues; pending death ONLY if skilled nursing needs are required. The Hospice House staff will work closely with the patients physician in order to determine if General Inpatient criteria can be met.


#2 - Respite Care. This level of care is for short term caregiver relief, up to 5 midnights per calendar month, so there needs to be a caregiver involved in the patient’s care. Some examples may include:

• The caregiver is physically and emotionally exhausted from caring 24/7 for the patient and requires a break.

• The caregiver is ill and needs a break from patient care to recover.

Respite care may not be provided in the following circumstances:

• There is no identified caregiver

• Patient resides in a nursing facility or a facility that provides 24/7 care

• There is no clear reason for caregiver relief


The Hospice House is unable due to licensure limitations to have patients become permanent residents or private pay for their stay. For more information contact the Hospice staff at 870/414-4100.